FoxGear Intelligent Sterilizing Door
April 16, 2020

FoxGear Automatic Disinfect PVC Tunnel Chamber

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Our FoxGear Automatic Disinfect PVC Tunnel Chamber is designed for fighting off Viruses and Bacteria.

It is most suitable for House disinfectant.


Best products for House disinfectant. This products effort able for everyone.

Features :
√ Temperature Measurement Area : 640mm
√ Energy efficient disinfected tunnel
√ Instant install system
√ Easy to shift one place to another place
√ Balanced Spray Box to Reduce Throttling
Without Hurting Facial Organs
√ Spray Time Can Set by Yourself 5 – 60
Seconds One Time
√ Disinfection Tunnel With CE Certificate

Suitable for :
School, University, House, Hospital, Corporate Office , Super Market , Shopping Mall, Hotel, Bank etc.

√ 1 Year Parts Warranty
√ 1 Year Free Servicing
√ 24/7 Customer Care